August 7 - 17


American and Canadian independent cinema is celebrated with aplomb in this year's excellent programme. If you're after superb acting and thought-provoking drama then Possible Worlds will satisfy. But there's also much laughter and thrills to be had too.

Festival director Matt Ravier has once again put together a great selection of movies including one of the best independent debuts in recent memory, the oh-so-black comedy The Dirties, and one of the freshest coming-of-age tales in Beneath the Harvest Sky.

Other highlights include the retro-vibed, post-apocalyptic Western Young Ones, the droll and dysfunctional conversation piece The Mend, the meta-physical sci-fi I Origins, religious cult thriller Faults, romantic Skype thriller The Heart Machine, the intricate French-Canadian ensemble piece Miraculum, and a documentary celebration of Jewish-American humour When Jews Were Funny.

Screenings are at Event Cinemas George Street, and Golden Age Cinema, Sydney.

Check the online for full programme details and bookings.

Cine Pico

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