July 4 - 14


Jack Sargeant once again proves his diverse and dynamic taste in cutting edge cinema with this year's programme, and as usual there are some very dark flicks and some truly uplifting ones.

There's the 4k restoration of Tobe Hooper's seminal horror The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, celebrating its 40th anniversary, the audience-polarising, but deeply rewarding sf muse, Under the Skin, from Sexy Beast director Jonathan Grazer, a return to form for Nicolas Cage in the Deep South drama Joe, and powerhouse documentaries of all sorts, in particular a celebration on the unsung heroine of monochromatic photography, Finding Vivian Maier, and the haunting exploration of an American nightmare Who Took Johnny.

An Experimental Showcase and Animation Showcase are two of Revelation's aces, and the Revel8 Super 8 Film Competition is one of the festival's staple events. There's also the WA Screen Awards, now in its 26th year. Not forgetting Mu-Meson's 16mm Showdown, and Get Your Shorts On!

Check out some of my festival highlights here.

And don't forget there's numerous talks and ciné-nerd-gatherings. Revelation is the best, most isolated film event of its kind. Get involved.

Cine Pico

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