September 4 - 7



After a successful Pozible campaign, the freakazoid cinephiles that are Stefan Popescu and Katharine Berger return with the 8th year of weird, wild, and wonderful cinema that is the Sydney Underground Film Festival, and it's a doozy programme indeed!

Keen as German mustard in keeping the hounds of Boring Cinema Syndrome from your door they've put together a kick-arse selection of local and international features and a plethora of global shorts.


This year's horror highlights include the scary-as-hell "found footage" flick, Beckoning the Butcher from Aussie newcomer Dale Trott, the latest directorial piece in quite some time from Eli Roth, The Green Inferno, which promises to be a thoroughly gut-munching chunk-blower, there's Suburban Gothic, the crowd-pleasing sophomore effort from the director of Excision, and Proxy, a movie the Toronto International Film Festival deemed so disturbing they provided a content warning in their programme!

There's a big bunch of docos this year, with highlights including the hilarious My Name is Jonah and the mesmerising Teenage, as well celebrations of French maverick director Leos Carax, rock legend Alice Cooper, cult illustrator Ralph Steadman, and a cut-and-paste special presentation marking 100 years since the birth of radical counter-culture writer William S. Burroughs.

The short films this year are grouped into seven themed mini programmes: Apocalyptic, Love/Sick, LSD Factory, Ozploit!, Reality Bites, WTF Shorts, and a special Best Of from Germany's Fetisch Film Festival. These showcases are styled for all perverse and deranged tastes!

SPECIAL NOTE: My own short film, a vampire fever dream, Umbra, has its World Premiere screening as part of the Love/Sick mini programme, Saturday 6th, 8:30pm.

Screenings are at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia.

Check the online for full programme details and bookings.

Cine Pico

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