Cult Projections is my online parlour where I get to indulge and share my passion for cinema, in particular genre film. It's a cyber-soapbox where I focus on movies I feel are essential viewing, an opportunity to wax lyrical, and on the odd occasion spit a bit of vitriol, over the genre movies and filmmakers that tickle my fancy, and occasionally rub me up the wrong way; both past and present.

Ultimately Cult Projections is a place for my recommendations - opinion, I know - where I hope you find movies that you want to watch (and re-watch), and occasionally ones you need to view with a grain or two of salt (and maybe lots of tequila). Cult movies and classics, past, present, and future.

I'm a geek at heart. For the most part, I'm a genre kind of guy, especially noir, thriller, action, science fiction/fantasy, Western, war, exploitation, erotica, but I'm a connoisseur of "nightmare movies"; a term I use to describe the horror genre and beyond.

I'm also a big fan of the documentary form, and, although I'm very fussy (who isn't?), I like a good comedy, especially those of a blacker hue. 

Oh, and by the way, I'm not too concerned with trying to remember to provide spoiler warnings. Consider yourself warned. 


About me.

My earliest movie-going memory was in 1975, aged six, with my Opa (grandfather) seeing The Island at the Top of the World.

I had a profound experience with the anticipation and eventual cinema viewing of Star Wars in late 1977.

I was lured into the dark unknown after watching Doctor Who - The Ark in Space on television in the late 70s, and succumbed to the “pleasure of nightmares” after watching Alien and The Omen on VHS around 1981.

I have been attending film festivals since 1984.

I studied film at university. 

I have worked on and off in the film and television industry since 1991, beginning with Peter Jackson's Braindead.

I began working as a film critic in July 1993 for Wellington (New Zealand) independent newspaper City Voice. In 1997 I moved to Sydney (Australia) and have worked as a freelance film critic ever since.

From August 2006 until September 2015 I was Editor-In-Chief of a site called Horrorphile - Pleasure Of Nightmares. It was an extensive archive of mostly movie reviews, several hundred or more. The site no longer exists. I am slowly re-posting the best of the content on Cult Projections.

I launched Cult Projections in early April 2013. I am the Editor-In-Chief and sole writer. 

I have directed experimental films on and off since 1989. My short film, Umbra (2014), screened on the local and international film festival circuit, where it won Best Short Film at Melbourne Underground Film Festival (2015), and screened at two of the world's most prestigious horror festivals, FrightFest (UK, 2015), and the Sitges Film Festival (Spain, 2015), where it was in competition for the Paul Naschy Award.


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