Monsterbox TV is here!

The dangerous and glorious misfits at Monster Pictures are seizing the future by the throat!


MONSTERBOX.TV is the world's first horror and cult specific VOD platform. VOD is Video On Demand.

But they want your feedback! To get your fingers a’ twitchin’ and your mouths a’ droolin’ they’re offering rentals of any title in the catalogue for the once only, eye-popping price of one grimy dollar! One dollar? Yes just one piece of filthy lucre. 

So what's on Monsterbox already? The Human Centipede 1 & 2, The Woman, Manborg, Grabbers, Penance, Helldriver, and many more, with many more to come. 

For anyone who rents a movie and sends their feedback to, they will put your name in a draw to win tickets to MIFF, tickets to Cultastophe, a $100 worth of credit to Monsterbox TV, and five DVDs or Blu-rays of your choice.

They want your “I LOVE MY MONSTERBOX.TV” selfies posing with the Monster Pictures site so they can post them on Facebook for the enjoyment and pleasure of MonsterFreaks like you. They’ll be regularly picking the “best pics” [Ed: grimiest, more like!] and the winners will receive things like DVDs, tickets to events, Monster t-shirts, vouchers, fame, fortune, glory etc.


As Monster Pictures says, "Be sexy, be silly, be crass, be covered in gore, be covered in shit, we don’t care really, just be yourself and be beautiful –  as long as we can see you and the MONSTERBOX.TV logo clearly, we’re happy!"

All you need to do is snap them send them in to and they’ll post them for you.

For more information visit the Monster Pictures site!